Humain has one mission. To move people

We move gamers with our digital doubles. We move producers by giving them rigs they know will work perfectly. We move animators and artists by giving them rigs that guarantee their characters will react realistically and deliver their performances.

We can do this because we are producers and animators, programmers and artists - a blend of technical and creative. We are unique. We are Humain.

Before Humain, the various members of our team created the rigs for iconic characters at world leading studios. We shaped our skills in facial animation, working with psychologists and world leading specialists in FACS. Four years of R&D has led to the creation of EKER, our robust framework for developing facial and body rigs for characters.

We are distinguished
by three qualities

We are Problem Solvers. It’s our job to help your artists deliver great performances, so we look at every project holistically. We start by defining the problem, then create a solution to fit your unique pipeline.

We are Empathetic. We have been there - we understand. With over two decades working at a high level within the industry, we know the problems a producer can face, so we make sure our character tool kits and rigs are animation-ready and problem-free across multiple LODs and platforms.

We are Curious. We can't stop ourselves looking into the future. So, we invest in the right people and resources, because the digital spirit never stops evolving.

Meet the team

Greg Maguire
Founder – CEO

Greg has been instrumental in the launch and development of numerous heavy-hitters of animation including Walt Disney Feature Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation and Digital Domain. His film credits include Academy Award-nominated Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , Academy Award-winning Happy Feet and Avatar. He was R&D Supervisor at Lucasfilm Animation and a Creature Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic. As Professor of Animation at Ulster University, he founded the 3D computer animation program at Ulster University and led its research cluster, Future and Virtual Worlds. He sits on the board of directors of Northern Ireland Screen, is a member of the Visual Effects Society and MIT alumnus.

Erika Rosenberg
Chief Scientific Officer

Erika received her PhD. in Psychology from University of California, where she studied emotion and facial expression. Dr. Rosenberg is a world-renowned expert in facial expression, who trains and consults on facial measurement using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) with academic, corporate, digital arts, and entertainment industry clients worldwide. She is the protégé of Paul Ekman, senior author of FACS, and has published widely on this measurement system, including educational materials and original scientific research. Dr. Rosenberg is co-author of the McGraw-Hill textbook, Psychology: Perspectives and Connections (5e, is in press), What the Face Reveals (with Paul Ekman), now in press in its 3rd edition, and numerous scientific articles and chapters on FACS, facial expression, emotion, and meditation. She is currently Consulting Scientist at the Centre for Mind and Brain, at University of California, Davis, and Founding Faculty, at Compassion Institute, a non-profit devoted to compassion education worldwide.

Willem Kokke
Lead Programmer

Willem was former CTO at Inlifesize, R&D Programmer at Rockstar Games, Vienna, Lead Programmer at Axis Three and Vice President Technical Specialist at Citi Bank. As Lead Programmer at Axis Three, he was responsible for the 3D scanner firmware and plastic surgery simulation software, which included physically modelled tissue simulation and anatomically inspired geometry modification. As CTO at Inlifesize, he oversaw development of 6 Unity projects including Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare which received over 1 million downloads, Fairy Magic one of the first Augmented Reality projects for iOS (2012) and Virtual Reality projects for the MOD. He is a highly experienced multi-lingual cross platform programmer, with a strong interest in graphics, physics simulation, high performance computing, and programming language design.

  • PhD in Physically Realistic Skin Deformation
  • for Character Animation
  • PhD in Psychology
  • BSc in Neuroscience
  • PhD in Finite Element Method to simulate mechanical behaviour of geometries
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering focussing on Singular Value Decomposition with
  • Stachaostic Resonance
  • BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation
  • BDes Hons Animation
  • BA in Performance Design

Programs and Endorsements

Programs and Endorsements