Faster. Stronger

Humain is different. Having been there ourselves, we understand the challenges from a production point of view. So we have developed a body rig creation service that helps you get on with producing billion dollar games.

Body Language

We take our rig creation toolset and fit it out with your naming conventions and preferred joint orients, to give you an intuitive and familiar body rig.

We shaped our skills in facial animation

One Step Ahead

A body rig from Humain brings your production consistency and speed, keeping every project on schedule. By removing human error, and allowing your team to see their characters running in real time inside Maya with no need for playblasting, you can get through the feedback loop faster.

Naturally Flexible

Humain Body Rigs arm your production with scale, increasing your team’s capacity. We have helped some of the world’s best studios to create hundreds of flawless body rigs that easily survive the pipeline journey from one department to another.