Raging Pandemic & Fires

As we all continue to find our way in this highly unpredictable world, I just want to share with you an image of how I have been feeling lately:

This is a frame grabbed from a video of me recreating the crazed state brought on by the last couple of weeks: with the raging pandemic, fire threats in my state of CA and a brief evacuation, ongoing challenges with my elderly mother, capped off by the extended agony of awaiting the results of the presidential election in the USA. 

This is a very complicated expression. Here are my FACS codes of it, for those of you who speak FACS:


The “A” prefix for the 1 + 2 indicates asymmetry (it is stronger on the left, and the C intensity reflects the strongest side). 1+2 are present on both sides, though they have begun to offset on my right side, and the 4 and 9 are pulling it down. Also, the strong 6 may explain the signs of 11, but I think I can go ahead and include 11 here given the strength of the oblique upper lip pulling and the shape of my nasolabial furrow.

Based on what I was feeling at the time (as well as the signs of multiple emotions in this configuration) I will call this expression, “AAAACCCCKK!!!” I was overwhelmed.

Things are normalizing now. I am grateful to have work to focus my mind. I want to share with you some updates on FACS:

1. FACS Manual revision (due to launch in 2021): I am thrilled to be working on the new edition of the Official Ekman & Friesen FACS manual, extending and improving the 2002 version. Major updates include: new images, new videos, increased depth on facial anatomy, a more interactive learning environment, as well as corrections and reorganization to the original text. I am SO PSYCHED about this new manual!

2. FACS training:Pandemic restrictions on live gatherings pushed me to reinvent my in-person FACS workshop (which I have been doing since 2004) for dynamic, online environments.

Here are my current online training options: 

• Private tutoring:My private tutoring package includes 7, 1.5 hour sessions for $1400 USD. Sessions are paced as you like (weekly is recommended, regularity is required). Feel free to inquire about my availability for private tutoring here.

• FACS learning groups: These groups are small, semi-self-guided, group learning sessions. Each session runs 7 weeks, 1.5 hours per session. My next group starts Tuesday, January 12, meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 am Pacific time. Maximum of 4 people per group, for more intimate instruction. $800 USD per person. You may apply here.     

The Online FACS Workshop will launch in Spring of 2021! I am very excited about launching my all new, all online FACS workshop, which is comprehensive FACS training, all virtual, with live interactive and recorded elements. It will integrate some material from the new manual, as well.